Thursday, July 24, 2014


Days after beating the drums that Russian forces were behind the downing of flight 17 the intelligence community is stepping forward and saying that the company line is basically bullshit.  HERE'S THE STORY .

In a previous post I put forth my idea that it was not the rebels or Russia that downed the plane but it was actually the Ukraine army that did it.

This  goes along with the other (evidence? ) that was total fiction so badly put together that anybody really taking a few minutes to consider it as evidence had to start laughing.  Geez, if you gonna tell lies hire somebody  good to do it.  Romney or GW Bush, or maybe even Dick Chaney are probably available for a fee.

What bothers me deeply is the attempt once again by our government to lie us into another confrontation to foster their own intent.  In my short lifetime we have been lied into the Viet Nam War, Iraq, Afghanistan being the major ones, not counting the hundreds of little incursions we have initiated.

Out brutish actions have caused Nations to start forming alliances for monetary action, military actions and severance of ties to the dollar.  Even German who has stood by our side forever is having second thoughts .  So taking stock we have pissed off every Muslim in the world, and turned many into actively trying to hurt us.  Half of Europe, Asia, Japan, Brazil, India are turning away from our hegemony goals as so they should.

Perhaps, this could be the start of really downsizing our military forces.  It is already happening with the Army announcement they were releasing 8000 officers from duty early.   Coupled with  expensive weapons systems that don't work and or not wanted, take for instance the F35, The Osprey , The Littoral ship and many other systems so expensive to boggle your mind.  Just eliminating the few mentioned would reduce the military budget by a bunch.

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