Monday, July 21, 2014


Take a deep breath, and throw away at least half of what you are hearing blaming it on the Pro Russian forces.

Just answer a few questions for me will you.
1. What could the rebels possibly have to gain by pulling this off?
   When at best it could bend world opinion against them.
2.  There is damn little evidence that the rebels had an operational missile unit.
3..  There is evidence that Kiev control rerouted the plane across a route taking them directly across a dangerous route. (the control tapes have been confiscated by Ukraine)( but wait that data will be on the black boxes)
4. The attempt to classify this as a terrorist act is plainly an attempt to align other nations to the idea that the rebels did it.
5.  Little mention of the 20 missile batteries that Ukraine has.
6. No discussion of what the rebels have to gain out of this act. and a better question what would Ukraine have to gain by doing it.  My thoughts are that Ukraine had a lot more to gain, painting the rebels as terrorists .

There are many events building up to this action.  Russia even made a better offer to Ukraine than the EU offer of more austerity and years of pain, this brought about the overthrow of the government and installed a US puppet to power.  Who incidentally their first acts after gaining control is to start a purge of Russian speaking Ukrainians , and other Nazi like tricks.

The fact that the US is once again caught with it's hands in somebody else's cookie jar and as usual screwing it up.  This all only makes sense when you consider the stated US shift to the Pacific area military wise gives you a sense of what this is all about.  The control of EU energy supplies is what they are after and at the same time limit Russian influence in the EU.

To think for one minute that , that part of the world is sitting on their hands letting us run away with the cookies.  Of course they are not.  You have probably heard that the BRIC nations have formed an economic pact to counter the horrible world of the IMF, and now rumors are flying that a lot of the rest of the G20 are interested in joining .  My what a change that would make if they could make the IMF go away.

My bottom line is and this is on the record"  I believe that Ukraine is responsible for this act, all of common sense dictates that they had the most to gain if they could blame this on the rebels, while the rebels had absolutely nothing to gain by this act.  The Ukrainian butchers are capable of this act  and had the motivation to do this deed.

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  1. Our mainstream media has completely melded with the neocon government. It is the most embarrassing display of corrupt journalism I've seen since the Iraq war. Obama must be stopped, and Hillary Clinton too.