Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Nothing else makes much sense.  Turn on the one eyed monster and what do you get the current murder and Doanld Trump.  Both are depressing as hell.  In Trumps case according to the TV Trump might be the only guy running , no other candidate gets a 1/10 of the coverage as he does.

If that were not bad enough , they allow Trump to put up the stupidest plans yet invented by man.  It sad to see how popular he is with the conservative crowd polling as high as 30% .  According to my theory 30 % is how many crazies there are in the conservative ranks.  They respond to  simpleminded jingles , good one liners , put together to plunk their strings. Immigration is a perfect example of this.

The time to be pissed about immigration was 10 years ago when the influx of legal and illegals came  into the country.  Instead of arresting management we just ignored the problem as our manufactures were offshoring jobs as fast as they could.  Some believe that the flow across the borders has slowed way down.  When there are no jobs, there are few coming on board.

So we are fed pablum  by the MSM giving us only Trump talk with little to no coverage of the other candidates in the race.  Even Hillary as the front runner for the dems gets little coverage.  Yesterday as Hillary was giving a major policy plan we got Trump proposing things that are clearly illegal, such as rounding up all the Mexicans legal and illegal and shipping them home.  Using the Anchor Babies as an example of how far he would go.  Now we got all pissed off when Obama droned an American in Yemen but coo to Trumps deporting legal citizens.  Then of course he will rush right out and take all of Iraq's oil.  He then says he will handle Putin , is that before or after Putin kills the weasel on his head.

Point of all this being , where are the other candidates in the race.  What is it now 20 , 22 , oh any way a bunch running but you would never know it by the coverage.  Come to think of it, I look at way too many sites each day and even there you get only brief glimpses of the others in the race. There are many in the race that are polling very , very low and maybe shouldn't get that much coverage but Hillary and Sanders are polling well but you wouldn't know it by the coverage.

I am a Bernie supporter and will be to the end.. whatever that may be, he is the only one who has laid out what he wants to do to the country and how he intends to do it.  While most of the conservatives can only talk tax cuts, and the destruction of the social safety net.

This household has just about quit watching the MSM for news about anything , I care not for the current murders, or cop killing blacks, I want to know how we are going to get back on a sustainable economic track.  I'm not holding my breath that things will change any time soon.

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  1. I'm for Bernie, but you can't deny Trump has got people talking about politics. I don't think all of his supporters are crazies. He's tapping into the white vote from both parties. An increasing number of white people are becoming racially aware. Why wouldn't they, after being told they're going to be a minority for decades? Because of this rising consciousness of whiteness, racial tensions in this country are as high as I've seen them since 1968. Isn't it ironic that Bernie is being criticized by Black Lives Matter for being too white?