Sunday, August 9, 2015


Do black live matter of course they do as do brown, red, white, all lives matter.  However does it make sense to attack the one candidate that could actually do something for their community.  No is the simple answer which leads one to ask a critical question  "Could this group now serve as a Hillary hit squad designed to take down her one viable opponent.

Oh , I hear the cries out there now "NO not another conspiracy theory. Sadly , nothing else make sense to me.  Stop and consider just for a moment , What was the goal of the interruption?  To shut down the only real progressive voice in the race, to whose benefit does the destruction of Bernie help.
Why Hillary of course!

Do I have any evidence of this, of course not, it's just a gut feeling , will I ever be vindicated , probably not.   I just want you to consider that this is possible.

Born and raised in Baltimore and saw the plight of blacks in Baltimore in the late 1950's.  Then the hit show the Wire aired depicting life in inner city Baltimore, not a pretty site.  It existed in the 50's the Wire aired in 2002 condition the same or worse.  Jump forward to 2015, have conditions improved , hell no , if fact do to increased fire power of the gangs it has gotten worse.

After the 68 riots , during which a lot of the inner city was destroyed.  The destruction of the  Mom and Pop stores that served their neighborhood were burnt down leaving the inner city without service. Did the riots improve conditions , apparently not.

So will this "BLACK LIVES MATTER GROUP' be effective in bringing change?  My  guess is no, they are shutting down the only voice who if elected could bring about the change required .

To the BLACK LIVES MATTER GROUP I ask a simple question JUST WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO PROVE ATTACKING ONLY BERNIE.  Just makes me loose respect for your group.  


  1. Here is a point for some sort of security and pre-speech research and crowd control. Maybe it is just a "movie type wish", but sad to say both the crowd and Bernie missed a great media leap by not being able to make a stand together. Hope his teams do a better job next time because very few politicians will even think of talking to the people like Bernie is.

  2. Blacklivesmatter is an important movement. When anyone takes a serious look at the issue, racism is still very much with us. It has never gone away, just stopped being reported. The statistics bare this out.
    That said, I too believe the women who interrupted Bernie Sanders in Seattle were a plant. A plant because the billionaires and the politicians they own (everyone but Bernie) are now concerned Bernie might actually win. I have put it out there for someone to figure out who they were paid by. Please oh please let's expose the billionaire's dirty tricks.
    I noticed when the women got the microphone in Seattle, they had nothing to say. Mission accomplished. Very different from when women from the Blacklivesmatter movement took the stage last month.
    It is clear the billionaires want to divide us.
    Blacklivesmatter...period. End of sentence.

    Let's stay united and move on.