Saturday, May 7, 2016


For the record I am a Bernie Sanders man and have been since the GitGo.  I stand with a mouth wide open watching our electorate fawn over this loud mouth bully TRUMP.  No matter what you believe , if your thinking of voting for trump, better think again.

I personally believe most of Trumps so called fixes to make American again will never become the law of the land.  He talks like he will be a king, he must remember that he needs congress  to make any of this happen.  Good luck Donald

From a field of 17 the public has chosen perhaps the most unqualified of the lot . Trump may be a rich man but that doesn't mean he is presidential.  If that 17 was the best and the brightest of the republican party then a breakup of that party that is being talked about behind closed doors and if that were to happen there will be a third party.

Now all we can hope is that the republican party falls apart and Hillary drops out {you pick the reason) but something is going to bring about the downfall of Hillary giving the nomination to Sanders.  One can always hope.


  1. Here, let me help you bring about Hillary's downfall...


    The book 'Clinton Cash' is being made into a movie. Granted The author, Peter Schweizer, is a very conservative investigative journalist, the facts he uncovered are still facts. This is from the press release for the films' debut in Paris next week. It will be released in the U.S. the eve of the Democratic Convention:

    "Clinton Cash investigates how Bill and Hillary Clinton went from being 'dead broke' after leaving the White House to amassing a net worth of over $150 million, with over $2 billion in donations to their foundation, wealth accumulated during Mrs. Clinton's tenure as Sec. of State through lucrative speaking fees and contracts paid for by foreign companies and Clinton Foundation donors."

    There is also the FBI announcing two days ago that they will be questioning Hillary Clinton in the next two weeks. Never before have we had a presidential candidate under criminal investigation. What was she hiding with two private servers? She didn't need them for her job. If it's all so harmless, Why erase 30,000 government emails? Is it really nothing that 22 top security emails were on her private computer? The FBI only does criminal investigations.
    Calling Bengazi a 'right wing conspiracy' does not change the facts. Hillary Clinton, as Sec. of State, did not provide the protection these men requested for a year in a country all other nations had already evacuated. Then on Sept. 11th, under attack, these four Americans plead for U.S backup for seven hours that never came. They were eventually killed.
    It started with the DNC illicitly taking Bernie Sanders voter data. Then six out of six coin flips in Iowa all go to Hillary. Arizona closes 70% of it's polling places (from 2008), Bill Clinton illegally campaigns in Massachusetts, New York voters purged by the thousands, polling places hours cut if half. Unfortunately, there are many more examples.
    A story by Mike Mullen, City Pages came out May 3rd titled “Minnesota DFL Party Launders money for Clinton Campaign, DNC” If followed the paper trail of $61 million dollars raised by a joint Clinton Campaign and 32 State level democratic parties. The money was funneled through state accounts and back to the DNC/Clinton campaign to hide that many of the donors had already given the maximum allowable donations.

  2. Hillary Clinton's plan to win the Democratic Nomination is “Disqualify [Sanders], defeat him and unify the party later.” Translation: play dirty/slander Bernie Sanders. Then, unify Sanders supporters by scaring them with a Donald Trump Presidency (better of two evils).
    These ongoing antics have polarized the democratic party membership. Bernie sanders supports can NOT be counted on to support Hillary Clinton in November. Bernie Sanders supporters are half the Democratic party!
    All right wing conspiracies, left wing conspiracies, who's left? Hillary Clinton has a lot of money and support in the DNC leadership. She does not have the voters. She can not win a general election with ½ the democratic party and no Republicans or non-party voters (the largest voting block). The polls bare this out, and we aren't even in the general election yet.
    The DNC leadership is sinking the entire party with it's blind loyalty to a very damaged candidate.
    What does this mean for the democratic candidates down the ticket? Senators, governors, county supervisors… Disaster. When democrats vote in large numbers, we win. When turn out is low, we lose. Simple as that.
    Bernie Sanders is running a historic campaign with enthusiasm most have never seen before. This candidate can grow the democratic party and win the House and Senate this year!!
    I urge the DNC to face the realities before you, and support the candidate not under criminal investigation.


    Heidi Strand