Monday, May 2, 2016


I haven't written a blog in several months.  I've been waiting for the people to show which way they were going to flop.  I wrote a lot early on and said just about everything there was to say about Bernie and Hillary.  Bernie is drawing more people to his rallies than anybody and yet in states where closed voting asses out out but registered party folk.

In all the elections I have participated in I have never seen one like the Sanders campaign to draw so much interest.  The little coverage of Bernie paints you a good picture who the MSM is controlled by
and it's not us.  Donald  Trump wall to wall on the TV and barely a mention of others and very little of anybody else.  You would be hard pressed to even know Bernie was in the race.

So I have  been deliberately quite for awhile to see where the nation was.  Now I know that B a large part of our electorate is totally illiterate including so called experts.  Masses are swarming for Trump and all he has offered us is one liners that he knows are  popular with the masses .  Not one line on how he was going to pull off any of his so called programs.  Build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, yeah sure.

Old folks are flopping on Hillary's side and God knows why.  It pretty much has to be party loyalist, because they can't be looking at what she has in mind, half fixes at best no far reaching goals , just running on name recognition mostly with dam  few original ideas .

It's no secret I'm a Bernie man and have supported him throughout the campaign .  You owe to yourself to read his positions on his website and he lays out clearly how he will solve our current problems.  From the economy,, to taxes, to the military, to health care, student loans sound plans that have been in place in other industrialized nations. So all the talk from opposition candidates and so called experts that Bernie's plan can't be done are flat out Bullshit.  They will work and in the process
would free up lots of money to help boost the economy.
If you ever plan to retire your only choice is a vote for Bernie, any other choice will leave you with a dim outlook for  your older years.

So get off your ass and do your homework and then put your x next to Bernie for President.



    If you paste this to Google it will take you to Bernie Sanders press conference yesterday(via Facebook) It was REALLY good. In it to win it at the convention! Glad to see you posting : ) "Clinton Cash" The Movie, coming out the eve of the Democratic convention. Interesting times.

  2. Only one way to stop the Trump train: Bernie must contest the nomination at the convention. He will beat Trump in the general. There's still hope!