Wednesday, May 4, 2016


You have probably noticed that the MSM acted like there was just one candidate running with a small amount dedicated to Clinton.  Little mention of all the others,but particularly seldom mentioned Bernie Sanders.  Amazingly though Bernie has done quite well without them and if there were not super delegates he might be able to pass her.   He might be able to sway the super delegates but that probably is a long shot.

Even now when it was becoming clear that Trump was going to win the republican side but the news coverage remains 90%  Trump.  I was watching election returns the other night and as the votes came in most to the info was at the bottom of the screen in the scroll or a static block that out of 21 banners 20 were for Trump and 1 for Sanders.  Now this is just reporting returns as they came in but even in that they were  slanting the results to Trump.

The whole election cycle has been like that lots of Trump damn little about anybody else.  I doubt if our election was examined as close as we monitor others the election would be declared void because of media interference and media bias guiding the results to candidates they favored.

After this election is in the bag it might be time to reexamine our system and get rid of all the tools that some can use to impede the opposition.  Super delegates should go the way of other bad ideas along with rigging polling places, purging voters , harassing voters  at the polls.

It's time to bring back the equal time rule so the MSM can't favor one candidate over the other.  The bloody affair was so crooked it should be ruled invalid.  But us chumps just sit out here and give them enough eyeballs to encourage further manipulation.    It's time for a change but it won't happen till we stop watching.

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  1. I stopped watching years ago. What a relief. ~Heidi