Sunday, January 25, 2015


Since I became aware of the fact that there were wealthy people in the world, and that they did not share their well being very well, that I could live with their abundance of money and things as long as they let me have a comfortable life.. That consisting of a home, enough food, enough money to live a comfortable life, education for out kids, and a few toys along the way.

All was well and good until 1980 and The Regan revolution.  Trickle down economics was the trick phrase used to disguise the raping of the middle class.  It's about that time I became interested in economics and commenced a study of how things worked in the real world.  The gurus of the day spun a fairy tale that convinced many that the trickle down thing would make them rich.  Our only problem was we thought the them was us.  WRONG

In a recent report by OXFAM  80 people own more than the bottom 50% and the gap is widening every year.  This number wakes you up to understand trickle down meant that we were getting pissed on from those above us.

Which brings to ask the question "WHAT IS ENOUGH"?  Apparently there is no upper limit of their greed, which is shown by the massive amounts of money they spend to craft legislation that makes them richer.  The amount of money flowing into our political system has so corrupted the country that one can not see a way to change anything.

So where do these rich folk spend their money?


The above boat is his fifth, a poor Russian billionaire.  I wonder if he would give me his castoffs?? 

I know you are wondering who the top rich folk are: HERE'S THE LIST OF TOP 100

I have no problem  with them being rich, I do have problem with them using that wealth to keep the rest of us from having a decent life.  I will list several of these folk understanding therre are many others in the same boat but these have been the most obvious:  The Koch Brothers, The Walton family, Sheldon Adelson among the most aggressive in attacking the middle class.

The perplexing part of their campaign is the drive to destroy unions, pensions, health benefits , retirement plans, wages , social services, infrastructure funds, destruction of the constitutional rights that have existed for a very long time.

What troubles me the most in all this, they are not satisfied yet and continue to fund the destruction o of jobs of the worker bees.  There are projections that say half the jobs that exist today will not exist 10 years from now.  We already have at least 1 million souls without work.  Nowhere is there talk of what those without work will do to survive.  They already don't want to fund the social services in place today. In fact they are actively supporting drives to dismantle Social Security and Medicare, Medicaid. 

So here we sit in 2015 wondering what the hell will become of us the people of the United 
States  in the future.  It looks pretty bleak from here.  I wish I could see a White Knight  riding to our rescue but I don't.  The daydream of a leisure society has not come to pass and probably never will surface.

One can hope that somehow a new movement will surface that gets strong enough to bring about change.  See have seen glimmering of a few , The Tea Party, The Occupy movement but they have sputtered out of being a force to just becoming a memory.  Both suffered from not having a leader strong enough to bring about a lasting change.  Will someone step forward , could that someone be  you??

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  1. The list of 100 was a little disappointing--Putin listed as No. 3, without a shred of documentation!