Thursday, January 8, 2015


It would appear that governments of the world are now starting to expect that we accept all their propaganda as fact and by no means are we allowed to voice an opinion.  Other nations have arrested some for online comments and various sentences have been handed down.

In the Us we now see that the cops are monitoring social media as you all know who troll the halls of Facebook like media lots of nasty stuff appears.  As a blogger I no doubt cross the line of acceptable to someone at some time and that is to be expected.  I don't expect to be arrested too soon but time will tell.

I will not slack of my comments as their is every indication that we are being lied to daily by government , MSM, and by supposed experts in a field.  The only defense we have is having folks willing to dig into news items to find the truth.

It takes a big investment of time to dig the straight dope out of the garbage we are fed.  With no intent of changing the world I blog to give the results of my research to the few who read my blog.

It gets lonely blogging some time, and I would appreciate your contribution pro or con anytime


  1. Keep it up!
    Even if we don't comment on every post, we are reading it and you are making a difference.
    It is important to get the real news out there.

  2. I too remember those days and I also remember when had a lot of seaweed for the crabs and fish. When they dumped stuff in the waters there went the fish and the crabs no more soft crabs from around the cove. They forgot about the water life that made the place so great for kids to grow up and learn all the safe and good things that can happen around the water.

  3. Writing has long been the world's loneliest sport.