Friday, January 16, 2015


The drop in oil prices we are told is due to a decrease in demand, but as I said in a recent post I believe this is a political move to bring Russia , Venezuela and Iran to their knees.  The following chart would appear to verify my findings.

This IEA chart indicated that supply and demand are pretty much in balance through 2015.  Perplexing at best because other charts would indicate something else.  IEA is generally thought of as reliable data although it sometimes misses the mark.

This article from RT call this event as geopolitical and just the first of Global commodity wars.  Water and food are also candidates for wars.   We have read in other places the shortage of water in many parts of the world.  You also have heard that the great glaciers of the world are currently in a rapid melt stage and these glaciers provide much of the water in various countries around the world.

It doesn't matter if your a believer in Global Warming or not your naked eyeball look at the great glaciers of the world shows that they are in fact melting and at a fast pace.

We all know that in many places in the world food is scarce and getting worse all the time..

So is this oil price drop just the first shoe to drop in a string of global wars.  I believe it is, and the good old USA is behind this all the way. Other countries are being hurt worse than Russia so expect sanctions to be dropped soon.

When the propaganda war against Russia using the Ukraine blow up a result of Russian interference failed to get the world against Russia we needed another tool.  Drive down the price of oil to destroy the economies of Russia , Venezuela and Iran would appear to be the next tool they are using.

While this has had an immediate effect on those economies they have not brought the Russian bear to it's knees.  In fact Putin and negotiated several huge deals for oil, formed the BRIC economic pace, created an alternative to the IMF for this group, unhinged oil from the dollar and cut off gas shipments to the EU and told them to hook up to the line to Turkey.

It would appear to me that Russia and the BRIC group are setting up long term arrangements that will effectively diminish  the US significance on the world stage.

Meantime in the war rooms of the US, they are talking WW3 and the ability to win a nuclear war.  OK so are leaders are completely bonkers and only checker players in the world game of chess.

So tighten your seat belts and get ready for a rough ride...


  1. I was caught by surprise by your graph. I thought the demand for oil has gone way down with the slow down of the world's economy.

    that does not appear to be the case. Then why the oil price crash? Politics. I think your explanation is logical.

    "Checker players in the world game of chess" ~ I like that.

    Future wars over water and food are almost inevitable.
    What else to say? Pretty sad state of affairs.


  2. I think the chart above does not take into account the growth in inventories during the past six months. This chart from the IEA shows demand WAY down for 2015.