Friday, January 9, 2015


With most countries in the EU either bankrupt or on the verge of bankruptcies, Russia's invite to join their new economic union, since their interests lie closer to the Soviets than the US, which recent appear to be true.  That may not mean much to you but it jerks me awake .

Our exports to Europe of late has been lethal financial vehicles  that have placed all of them in economic peril.  That and weapons are our major export items none of which do much for their problems.

Our next move to place sanctions on Russia that actually hurt exporters of goods to Russia worse than Russia, that after on the same day lifting sanctions in place for 50 years with Cuba , because they didn't work.   BOOM, my tiny brain goes, did I really hear what I thought I did.  Unfortunately I heard it.

It is troublesome to see our government do so many things that make no sense.  30 years of decimating the American blue collar force, killing exports, lowering wages, and a couple of wars have drug our economy into the ditch and nobody seems to care.

The above proposal actually makes sense.  Sure we have gone to Europe's rescue twice before but that didn't give us the right to destroy them economically.

Our latest adventure in the Ukraine should make you aware of how dumb our foreign policy has been.  Installing a Nazi government in Ukraine was a stupid move.

When you destroy the economic base of a territory you allow the rise of right wing groups (nazis in this case as indicated in this piece 

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