Wednesday, January 21, 2015


On the day President Obama was sworn in a group of top republicans met at a restaurant in DC to plan how they were going to destroy his presidency.  If they had met to plan on how to fix this country things might look better today, but they didn't and there not.

Now six years out , another State of the Union speech , and another DEAD ON ARRIVAL response by the republicans.  Even though there were absolutely no programs put forth in the speech.

Anyone who has been reading this blog for any length of time knows I have no love of republican plans for this country.  Every day they prove to me that they do not deserve to serve as they clearly have their corporation ties at the forefront of their actions.

Current examples the first two bills they put forth in the congress they control were the KEYSTONE PIPELINE and  to roll back Obama's immigration reform.  Both bills that the president vows to veto.

I don't see how this country can keep on voting these smucks into office when they know their interests will not be served.

We are once again teetering on the edge of another financial collapse, a time when we need a congress working together with the president to avoid another collapse.   Somehow we need to get their attention to take action to help us not put us further in the hole..  


  1. President Obama is a great speaker and he tells the American people what they want to hear. Then the President does whatever his puppet masters tell him to do. Check his promises vs. his actions!!

    A recent example is the bill Obama just signed making the Dodd-Frank bill reigning in the banks, toothless. Now the taxpayers are on the hook for the banks failures (again).

    Obama is a constitutional attorney and he allowed our privacy to be severely abused with no repercussions or reforms. What about closing Guantanamo? Ending the wars? Great infrastructure projects to employ the citizens ...

    Bush was an idiot. He pickled his brain with alcohol abuse. He did whatever his puppet masters told him to do.

    The U.S.A is in Oligarchy ( a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution.). This small group will keep the illusion of a democracy going as long as it is useful to them. They pick BOTH candidates before they get on the ballot.

    The answers are there. Reform the banks, high taxes and closing tax loop holes on the filthy rich. Social programs to get the embarrassingly over populated prisons numbers down. Many successful programs that train prisoners in a skill and make them feel valuable already work. Expand them. A comprehensive work program like the "new deal" to get people working, earning an income, contributing to their communities and feeling valued by their families and communities. Localized growth and distribution of food. Clean, inexpensive, convenient mass transportation.

    People are waking up to this, which is a huge step. How to make it happen is the next step.


  2. I tortured myself listening to AM talk radio driving from Redding to Sacramento on Tuesday before the speech and coming back Wednesday after. There are all kinds of reasonable arguments about Obama. No one on talk radio appears to be aware of them. The overt stupidity was astounding.