Wednesday, January 28, 2015


This week the History Channel presented a 3 part mini series depicting the beginning of the American Revolution.   It presented a view of the event not usually seen in the history books.  It pointed out just how the bravery of just one man brought about the insurrection.  Sam Adams against great odds kept organizing and eventually at Independence Hall in Pennsylvania brought about  the Declaration of Independence.

It showed the bravery of the colonists thru defeat after defeat they kept going toward their goal of a new nation.  The KOCH brother have pledged 900 million dollars to the 2016 campaign. The brothers coupled with other right wing crazies are out to buy their way with brute cash.

While watching the series I got to thinking that those colonists were rebelling the oppression of the king who taxed them, usurped their rights.  It came quite naturally to compare those days to today.  Inch by inch we are loosing rights not taken by a king but taken by corporations buying their way thru the purchasing of politicians to grease their way to new riches.

A few very rich people have been purchasing power for decades but 2016 is shaping up to be the biggest buy off in history of our country.  By providing masses of money they will control the media which in turn will control how they will vote with 30 second tv adds that will persuade us to vote with them.  I hold that the Koch brothers can be compared to the King of England.

So if one man could start our great revolution (Sam Adams) could one man bring about the second American Revolution.. We have seen groups right and left pop up in the recent past and fade into the sunset ,in my opinion they did not succeed from the lack of a powerful leader.  I'm waiting.


  1. That guy that calls you all the time, FLA Rep. Alan Grayson, could be such a man. He's running for Senator from Florida, and his timing could be perfect, especially if the Republicans win in 2016.

  2. BTW, don't erase that series. We haven't watched it yet.