Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I is more of the same your after then Hillary is your candidate.   For me I am searching for a better choice.  My early on favorites have been  Warren and Sanders both of whom are considering a run for the gold.  Both have the same problem they have little money and not much big money support.
Both will bear watching but that's not all folks. Another name is cropping up Jim Webb a man with experience on both sides of the aisle and 8 years of combat marine. Another candidate with no money but with ideas that parallel mine.

I will be taking a serious look at my 3 candidates as time marches on.  All candidates have at some times voted against my wishes but hell you can't have anything.  I know much about Warren and Sanders and a little about Web..  His first accomplishment in the Senate was to write and get passed a very  good GI bill.  I want to know more about his domestic policy thoughts and plans to get this country rolling again.

Anti War's   Justin Raimondo piece on Jim Webb brought him to my attention once again.

Here's his announcement on his intent to be a  candidate with some of his ideas.

The underlying problem is what kind of congress will we be able to give any of the above folks?
There lies  the big problem for me compared to getting a decent congress  to allow any of the above to actually govern. If we can't do any better than we have done lately it probably not worth the effort.
For us to be successful some of us will have to hang our sacred cows in a tree and for cripes sake don't let a single issue determine your vote.

These thoughts are mine, lets hear yours in my comments section.

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  1. One of Bill and Hillary's best friends is a convicted pedophile. Take a hike, Hillary.