Monday, January 19, 2015


Before you even start to think about the next elections please take a look around the country and see what our votes have bought us till now.  Inside this article are links to the views of some and to statistics that will make you cry.  So struggle through them and let me know what you think.

The first article today that smacked me in the face was this ONE.   51% of all school children qualify for free or reduced prices.  Over half , to me that was a startling fact.  Should have been because I have known for decades that a whole bunch of folks out there are not making enough money to have the basic needs of life. 
As the chart above shows median household income has fallen $5000 since 2008 that is a huge chunk of income that no longer is there.  Have you ever experience a pay cut of 50% ?  I did on leaving the Navy after 11.5 years.  Took awhile to get it back but with a little luck it was accomplished.  Point being if you have never had to rub two pennies together to make you budget work , you need to stop and think how you would handle it.

If you take a good long look at the following stats you have to wonder what the hell is going on.  In 2012 almost 25 million earn less than $25K.  46million live in poverty.  4 million single moms live in poverty. Married in poverty 2 million.  This in the proclaimed richest country in the world.  The only conclusion you can come to those that are more fortunate are stingy as hell.

The single largest employer in the US dear ole Uncle Walmart pays most less than 8 bucks an hour.Their employee indoctrination show them how to apply and qualify for government assistance, food stamps , Medicaid etc.  Do you rotting fish??

 Wealthy folk think it is too easy to be poor, and that they should have to work for the benefits or not get them at all.  They include everything in their thinking, SS, Medicare, medicaid, food stamps, unemployment, disability.  The wealthy weep at how much taxes they have to pay , but when you look at the actual numbers they don't point to that fact.  It does point to the low income bunch pay 10%  , the middle income 9% and the rich pay 5%.  So what the hell are they talking about.  Don't even look at what corporations pay , most pay next to nothing to absolutely nothing to huge rebates.

Here comes the politics folks.  Just two short years away we have to pick a new president and if we are smart we will give this person a congress he can work with.  For my money , looking at the front runners today we have little choice.  With most republicans featuring ideas like Rand Paul looking to cut social security and medicare (most of  the other contenders say the same) to pay for more tac cuts for the rich, which I have shown you they already pay less than all the rest of us.  So for my money the republicans don't deserve even a glance. 

So how about the Democrat side.  Dear ole Hillary is the supposed front runner and I don't think she is the one to do us right.  Hawkish , pro business and part of the ole boy gang rules her out of my  book.

So who is left, only two at present Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.  Elizabeth says she won't run but pressure is being put on her to run.  So there is hope, but you have to pay attention.

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  1. My first choice is Elizabeth Warren. She would restore my faith/hope in the government ever representing the people. She has stated she absolutely does not want to run. Bernie Sanders is someone else I would feel really good about. I don't know his thoughts on running.

    Anyone else will just be corporate shills bought and paid for like Bush and Obama.

  2. I believe the Democratic nominee will be someone who isn't even on the list right now.