Thursday, January 8, 2015


The most recent trend is stupid laws is the banning of sledding on public slopes.  Really, I can't the hours that friends and I spent on the slopes (the more dangerous the better) now they want to ban sledding because they are afraid of lawsuits.  

Anyone who has been involved in community affairs knows the dread not being able to do a program because of insurance risks.  Half of the budget of the Community Center I ran were insurance costs. Over the years I have seen many events cancelled because of the insurance costs or the inability  to obtain insurance for the event.

I suppose next on their ban list will be skating on public ponds, or perhaps skating on public sidewalks. or plinking with your bb gun, perhaps swimming without a lifeguard.

One of my pet peeves has happened on my beloved Seneca Creek in Maryland where I use to rip up the creek in my dad's old 26 foot crabbing boat.  The creek then was a beehive of activity , people skiing , fishing , swimming etc.  Today cruising out the creek there is almost no activity, it brought tears to my eyes as the once thriving creek is now like a no fly zone,

We have become a nation of chickens.  Sad but true 

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  1. If we had a real public health care system, where, say, breaking your leg sledding on a public ill was treated and paid for in full, these law suits might be reduced.