Tuesday, January 13, 2015


An American traveling  in Europe is asked the same questions where ever he goes on the strange thinking of Americans.  They happen to be a lot like the questions I ask myself on the thinking of my fellow citizens.  The questions:

1. Whey don't we have universal health care , they all do.
2. Free education all the way through college , most of them do.
3. A strong social safety net , unemployment and unemployable.
4. Old age complete care.
5. Unexplained wars.
6. Our love of guns.
7. Deadly financial instruments.
8.  A congress which does essentially nothing.

There are obviously more questions but these are among my biggest questions and they seem to the same.  Now before you jump in and suggest if I love them so much why don't I just go there?  The answer to that is quite simple, I'd rather stay and try  to convince all of you that we are going down the right path.  Fight not run is my mantra.

When Social Safety nets free to all are suggested you hear the same cry from way to many people"nothing is free"  only in the USA is that true.  Most of Europe do, and what a relief it must be to not have to worry about health.

What those who say that there is no free lunch should be asking is :  How does an average family making $53000 pay for health care, retirement, higher education who that sum of money.
An example a Swede making the same amount of money I do pays 25K I pay only 6K but I have to pay for all the stuff they get for free.

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  1. My thought on this is that mega-corporate heads and their henchmen have removed themselves from the U.S. tax system while simultaneously benefiting greatly from our infrastructure. This has led to even more money for billionaires while our safety net/social services/government falls apart for lack of funding. Thanks for the article. ~Heidi