Wednesday, January 14, 2015


All Americans should look in the mirror to see the new Axis of Evil ,yep, it's us.   Several years back this event was announced and at the time it seemed to be a yawner.  Then Ukraine popped up on the horizon. The US engineered an overthrow of the elected government and installed a pro Nazi regime controlled and funded by the US.

The next move was a pure propaganda program to accuse Russia of invading Ukraine and taking back of the Crimea.

First Crimea wanted back under Russian control and had an election to do just that. There were all kinds of propaganda out there claiming that Russia had invaded the Ukraine,the truth being  there were already thousands of troops there for a very long time.

The next event to pop up was the shoot down of a passenger jet supposedly by a Russian missile.  When the truth came out it was actually shot down by two fighters from the Ukraine.  Rumors of Russian troops invading the Ukraine proved also to be false.  Clouded over some by some Russians going into the Ukraine to aid the rebels.

Putin of course was demonized as the Great Satan.  He proved to be much cooler under fire than all US   officials lumped together.  Russia provided evidence of what really was happening that could be easily proved.  Our evidence on the other hand got shot down time after time.  Strangely important evidence started disappearing from the scene.

As evidence appeared that the US was trying to isolate Russia and China  too of course, Putin went on the attack cutting several oil and gas deals, with China and Turkey and other trade partners.  Forming the BRIC  nation into an economic power house that threatens to remove the dollar as the worlds reserve currency.  Started trading oil in their own currencies cutting the dollar our of the mix.

Now a trump card was played by the US and Saudi allowing the dramatic fall in oil prices.  There are those that believe it was simply a matter of supply and demand and I am presenting a chart next that says that is possible.  However as you might already guess I think its much more clandestine than that.  It doesn't make sense to me that Saudi would not simply cut production to keep prices high.  Simple math says that would be the right thing to do barring politics.  If you pump 1 barrel of oil at $100 you have to pump two barrels at $ 50 which move would you have made.  Anyway here's the chart make up your own mind.
I place the following 2 pieces that shed some light on our Pivot to Asia and I believe the real driving force of all the recent events.  HERE , HERE.  This last post shows China's move to counter US moves.

If as suspect that all this action is a preplanned US plan to control Asia it would appear at this time the US is playing checkers and Putin and China are playing chess.  From the US side of things low oil prices will kill fracking and tar sands operations as their cost of production is much, much higher.  If all those fracking company folds it takes with them all those funny money derivatives packages just waiting to explode.  If they explode other derivatives packages will fold two and will probably take the rest of the market with it.

To further complicate things other commodities have fallen like a rock too. Gold, Silver and the Ruble amongst others.  I suspect manipulation by the US is behind at least Gold and Silver.  If you are a supply and demand Geek your theory falls apart when you look at gold and silver, both have demand greater than supply.

Of course all the above is just my opinion and I would love to hear yours.  I could be wrong, but don't count on it.  

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