Sunday, July 29, 2012


We have all been there , most likely more than once.. For me it's been damn near an everyday event... I'm 75 and I don't think I have ever won one.. Oh maybe I made them stop and think or at best made them hide their bullshit statements but almost never have said ,,Geez I was wrong.

Listening to Mike Papantonio subbing for Ed Shultz on Friday he said "It is a waste of time to fight the Water Cooler Wars day after day " because you never change antibody's mind on their preconceived notions of current affairs..

For instance you can say "Did you agree on the invasion of Iraq"  answer NO

Do you think the deregulation of markets was a good for the country"  answer NO

Do you think gay marriage destroys traditional marriage.. answer NO

Do you think that gays should serve openly in the military ..answer NO

Do you think Trickle down economics has been good for the country...answer NO

At the end of your own personal list of questions that you get NO answers to then you get to ask "THEN WHY ARE YOU A REPUBLICAN"? ANSWER BECAUSE I AM..

You have just wasted part of your day, pissed your boss off because you spent an hour at the water cooler, and the only satisfaction at the end of the battle you get to think . WHAT A DUMB FUCK THEY ARE.. and that cost you an hour of your life.??  Smart bastard , aren't you??


  1. Well, hopefully you had a drink of water while at the cooler to help you cool down.
    I have found that conservative Repubs have no answers to any questions, which is like their basic Party theology of NO. It is no to everything except was they want for big corporations and rich individuals.
    They have no opinion of their own and just say what they hear or are told.
    I have some older Repubs that have told me the Tea Party / conservatives have taken over the GOP. Even they laughed when I said I called it the God Owfoul Party.

  2. I have argued with religious people over the existence of god (not capitalized intentionally) and we end at the same place. No proof, they just 'believe.' i.e. They just are a republican.

    Save your energy for the people who are on the fence.

    Keep talking! We need people with heart and compassion. To many sheeple to few individuals.