Saturday, July 21, 2012


One of my favorite writers Mike Whitney compares Obama and Putin.  Now before you freak out and turn away , read this piece.  Remember the world views we are fed are entirely manipulated  so what we do really know about anything abroad has been tailored to the company line..An interesting read.

Putin and Whitney are on the same wavelength it would seem.. the previous links talks about outside organizations working to disrupt their government.. most of them are agents of?? you guessed it the good ole US.  Putin acts to make these groups register.

We should do some of the same with these Super Pacs and require that all contributions , who gave them and the amounts be  publically displayed.

Any all these stories are food for thought... soo  make it so..


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  1. I really liked Whitney's piece. I especially thought is analysis of the New York Times article was spot on. They've villinized Putin for years, so much so that when everyday folk hear "Putin" they automatically think "commie" or "dictator." And that's only because Putin won't go along with the Washington consensus.