Monday, July 23, 2012


The United States for most of my life has conducted clandestine operations in foreign countries under the guise of mostly false accusations when we know about the operation.. when we don't they don't think we need to know about it at all..

In the 80's and 90's it was the overthrow of most of Latin America to facilitate the takeover of their natural resources .. to the betterment of our corporations..

Some of these we know about, Castro was a bad dude and has been for 50 years. Putin , Chavez and others have been the faces placed on our messing with their countries..

Now we are operating in China, the ME. and most of Asia and Africa.. For reasons?

In recent days our attacks on foreign leaders and countries we are displeased with have surfaced everywhere.. Here are two of the most recent  Venezuela and add China, Russia, Egypt, Africa

The last word that the 4th aircraft carrier is headed to the Gulf once again raises the specter of war that Israel wants with Iran..
Rumors have been rampant that this war will happen before the election.. Only time will tell...HOLD YOUR BREATH!


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