Monday, July 30, 2012


JC Penny is fixing to eliminate all check out clerks by 2014.  They think this is going to save their asses.. They had better think again.. No more JC Penny in this house.. Hell I already have done enough damage by abusing my account..

Big chain stores have been on the path of self destruction starting way back in the late 60's when for instance Sears narrowed it's product lines to high end and medium end.. no more reasonably priced lines carried any more..then later on they started selling all appliance lines instead of their reliable ole Kenmore lines.. They had like something like 80% or the washer dryer lines at the time and now they are on the verge of going bust too.

It really bothers me when me and Mish Shedlock are on the same page, damn scary stuff..

Bad enough use Amazon for a lot of my purchases, but it certaintly isn't a clerks fault that I do.. In fact where possible I frequent stores that have good ole style clerks that know their product lines... Time's they are a changing, doesn't mean I have to like it.


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  1. I hate the new self check out at Safeway, where you just scan it yourself. I like being able to talk to the checker, it's human interaction, not just interfacing with a machine. But I see my fellow shoppers have warmed right up to the machines, and now there is usually a line to wait your turn.