Monday, July 30, 2012


India just had a massive grid outage blacking out over 300 million people.. Just how long will our industries that split to India going to stay with an unreliable grid?

I've talked about this many times in the last couple of years that countries like India, China have had their day in the sun because of deficiencies in their industrial resources like power , water and raw materials...

Makes you kinda wonder (shit I already knew) our hot shots of industry were so short sighted they might have never thought about any of this.. I know the planned to move on to greener pastures but the pigs already ate all that up.. Tough shit big boys come on back to the country of renewed Union activity where you are going to have to pay big time for the screwing you gave us.. Welcome aboard, pay up you bastards...Oh you will look really good in our striped suits(  a little broader stripes ) than your use too.. Or perhaps a nice pink or maybe red jump suit..


  1. 40 percent of India, 500 million people, have no electricity at all? Damn, they've got a lot of catching up to do.

  2. Like this post a lot.

  3. I have been wondering how long it will be before there are brown outs in the USA because of the continued heat in areas that normally get some cooling off breaks.
    That is why I am not against solar or wind sources or nuclear power plants. Just hundreds of pounds of uranium for many years instead of hundreds of thousand of tons of coal or millions of barrels of oil or millions of BTU of natural gas per year.
    Got to admit, with all the new regulations nuclear plants wouldn't be cheap to build, but what new energy source is cheap to build or find. I just wonder how many areas will lose their water, land or farms due to the fracting.