Sunday, July 15, 2012


Ye ole world bubble machine is blowing a big bubble once again..One most of us have not noticed since you could generally  say we don't pay any attention to the bond market..No glamor there , no Facebooks or other glamorous ventures, just staid ole windows and orphans who invest there.

Think again my friends , this is just one more thing the boys at the top  are manipulating to keep the Bubbble Machine running.. Libor that we have heard a little about was just one way they were gaming the system...They were also placing massive shorts(swaps-derivatives) driving bond interest down.. I know your yawning right now and saying so what .  Well the what is as they drive bond interest down , bond prices go up making their portfolios worth more . Libor was just the illegal way of doing it although all the the crap they use should be illegal .

I have said before that I have a suspicion that they have been gaming the commodities as well.. wild price swings often that we are unable to justify are the effect of the same kind of collusion as the Libor rates.  Best example lately is the petrol markets.. high , high prices while demand was at a 20 year low and production was stable and supposedly huge gains in locally produced fuels, yet prices were high as hell.. And Walla during the peak driving season when prices usually rise they fall a lot..

The only conclusion one can make is, we are being gamed (screwed if you like) out of every last dime we have... OH and the pension you thought you had,, think again..

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