Monday, July 9, 2012


In CLUSTERFUCK NATION Kuntsler paints a very harsh critique of the world and particularly of the US. With Some pretty ugly words used to describe the financial folks and the common folk in general. Read it and then tell me some of the same thought have not found their way into your mind.

In particular here in the US the excess evidence of something gone terribly wrong when our youth are covered with body pictures that maybe mean something to them but leave me wondering what was is their minds when a lovely young lady get a string of barbed wire tattooed around her lovely neck.. along with 27 piercings in nose , lips, tongue, ears and probably several other parts I don't want to see..accompanied by her boyfriend with his hat on backwards , his pants slung so low that his butt crack is clearly visible, also covered with tatts and piercing. Far to many are also overweight . Coupled to the world by their cellphones to their ears afraid to have the time to think they read other folks wandering thoughts on their twitter links.. A bleak picture of the world for us old guys to look out every day.

However , Kunstler paints such a picture of our corporate world maybe these kids have a point.. What are they trying to tell us? They at least have got our attention while the ones who are plundering the world dance around unnoticed.

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