Saturday, July 14, 2012


And  here's why
Algorithm's will write the stories. I've had it with algorithms running the world.. From controlling the stock markets, to manufacturing polling data.. When so many of the items controlled by these mathematical mafia have shown themselves to be either totally wrong ,crooked, or at best controlling it's time for people to get back in the game.. Do I think this is possible as long as the bottom line controls the world..

So logically the change can only be done by us.. Yeah I know group actions are impossible... but wait.. If you just take the news as an example...What would happen if we just didn't watch any attempt at news that we recognize as generated bullshit... It's already happening at our house... from being newsfreaks to only watching selective shows.. and damn few they are.... When enough of us quit watching the bottom line goes away and the Ted Turners of the world return.

One other little sidebar.. Craigslist did not destroy newspapers, they were on the way to destruction long before the list became a power... When the new owners of papers tried to push the normally staid earnings of a paper into competition with different industries the only tool available to them was to cut staff, cut pages, use obviously manipulated stories off the wire, article size to 300 words or less and keep add prices high... It was their own greedy selves that destroyed them... and reporters are paying the price.

Internet sites that do news, and progressive radio shows have a hard time generating income for a very simple reason, a lot of us out here can't  donate to every show we like... few can afford the 500 bucks a year it would cost to support all... So the end result is Journalism as a career at present is a dead end market..


  1. Wow, did I ever pick the wrong profession! 20 years ago, when I got my journalism degree, it was becoming clear the newspaper industry was deteriorating already, but I never thought it would come to be this bad. I've been out of work before during the past two decades, but never for as long as now (2 years and counting) and with such dim prospects.

  2. Yep, that's what I am saying... It will not make you feel any better but there are many like yourself in a broad range of professions that have been abandoned by their professions...

    While my profession (power plant operator) is still around there are less than 10% of the number that was around when I started 42 years ago.. A goal of a programmer I knew had a goal of their being no operators on the whole CVP. He never quite got there but there a lot more unmanned plants today.

    I think if I had to choose a profession today I would be a waiter.. Hours suck but I'm betting they make more than 10/hr counting tips..