Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The pictures of the neglect and abuse in  an Afghan prisoner hospital shown on CNN today show such cruelty it is almost unbelievable .  Bitch of it is we are paying 100 million a year to run this torture chamber.. I guess one way of torture is as good as the next to the good ole USA.

What makes the story much , much worse is the fact that a US general in charge of training Afghan doctors at this hospital a few years back reported the abuse up his chain of command.. A general or two above him hid the story and even had the balls tell him that they would not do anything about this abuse because they didn't want to embarrass Obama during an election year(2010).  So once again bad shit is covered up for political reasons (think the Tillman case) .  You can point to a zillion such cover ups. The Great victory in Iraq and the winning of Afghanistan being the big ones.

Yet the Tillman affair , torture, and now this abuse of prisoners make it really hard to say the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag that these outright cover ups cast a shadow on my 27 years of military service.

Interesting fact < I could not find picture one of this abuse..

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  1. Someone reported it up the chain of the command and none of the higher-ups did anything about it? You're kidding!