Friday, June 5, 2015


Having been outsmarted in their first attempt to put the hurt on Russia and perhaps goad them into  a war they are going to try and increase the sanctions and up NATO presence around Russia.  

All this action is taking place because the US is scared they are loosing their dominance over the world.  They should be worried , our actions over the past few decades has shown we aren't as bad as we think we are.  Iraq and Afghanistan have been pure defeats leaving the whole ME in turmoil.

With not much left to destroy in the ME why not start on Europe and Asia.   Our Tip to Asia a poorly hidden plan to control the Pacific which is showing signs of waking up that part of the world and they have started building their forces to offset our build up.

In a meeting of the G7 this week they will talk up more sanctions on Russia.  THE SCARY PART OF THESE TALKS ARE THE TALKING ABOUT THE USE OF BATTLEFIELD NUKES.  You would think we are messing around with a country that unlike our latest adversaries have an abundant supply of nukes of their own.  I want you to have no doubt in your mind that if we used nukes against Russia the end game would be on.

This should convince you that the Ukraine game is not the real game, it is merely an attempt to goad Russia into a bigger war.  With China and Russia joining forces in so many ways I believe if you fight one you are going to be fighting both.  We will not win that one,

In other talks China becomes the focal point of our aggression especially if Russia is out of the picture.  Our leaders dreams of being the hegemony of the whole wide world is out  of date and  not possible for us to obtain.  Why would we want to be.  If we could entertain cooperating with the rest of the world the money we could re direct away from military spending to infrastructure repair we could regain some of what has been lost.

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  1. I'm not sure I want to know, but what are battlefield nukes?

    Can you even imagine Russia and China in alliance against the U.S. Whoa. What a colossal mess. The U.S. would give prisoners (we have so many now do to the corrupt corporate take over of our prisons) the option of going to war to get out of prison. Reinstate the draft? What a mess!

    Chris Hedges says we are on the precipice of a revolution. It is up to us if it goes extremely bad (right wing, military takeover, confiscation of pension plans, end of Social Security, food stamps, unemployment checks) or better. Millions of jobs repairing our infrastructure and converting to alternative energies (including producing the solar panels, etc. in the U.S.) to greatly reduce our dependency on oil. Increase Social Security by lowing the military budget and returning billionaire's taxes to pre-Bush era...

    My opinion, the reason for the beating the drums of a needless, cruel war is to further enrich Dick Cheney (Haliburton) and other military behemoth billionaires. Nothing else makes sense. Your thoughts?