Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Even the Pope can't tell it like it is without the right wing frothing at the mouth saying how wrong his thinking is.  But wait you have eyes, ears, and hearing and you can read can't you.  The environmental problems the Pope points out are plain to see , except for conservatives who refuse to take their blinders off.

In this post the dying off of the Pacific ocean are plainly laid out and there can be no doubt whose fault it is.   If you start off trying to talk about the destructive qualities of co2 and where most of that problem comes from , you are called lots of bad things.

Here is a list reposted from a piece on thedailyimpact:
  • The Pacific population of the forage fish that form the base of the marine food chain — sardines, anchovies, and herring — has been decimated, with inevitable ill effects on the species that feed on them — salmon, sharks, whales and sea lions.
  • Not coincidentally, this is the second year in a row that record numbers of emaciated, dying sea lions have been washed ashore in California.
  • The number of bluefin tuna in the Pacific Ocean has declined by 95 per cent. Mexico has banned fishing for them, the United States is still thinking it over.,
  • oysters, a staple seafood product of the Pacific Northwest, have been declining in number for ten years because of rising ocean acidification related to its absorption of carbon dioxide from the air.
  • Virtually all species of marine birds are disappearing from the coast, their populations reduced by 75% and more. It, too, is now being called the largest die-off of its kind in history.
  • Hundred of thousands of dead red crabs are washing ashore on California beaches from San Diego to Orange County right now. Says Reuters, in the second paragraph of its story, “Such strandings take place periodically and are not necessarily a threat to the species.” Move along, nothing to see here, just miles and miles of obscene red death.
  • Even whales in larger numbers than usual are washing up dead on California’s shores. No one knows exactly why, so everyone insists it has nothing to do with anything else.
  • Starfish, more properly known as sea stars, have been virtually wiped out from Mexico to Alaska, apparently by a virus that turns them to mush. It may be the largest mortality event ever witnessed by humans.
The arguments of the cause of all this rage on while the effects keep getting bigger and more deadly.  When sardines , anchovies, star fish , crabs . oysters are dying off in large numbers we keep arguing over causes.  Co2 or radiation from Fukushima are sited as reasons but they are not the only factors involved.  It is no secret that the planet is heating up some.  The evidence is everywhere and you only need eyes to see.  The glaciers are melting, the Great Conveyor is slowing (cause by too mush fresh water from ice melt) , the ocean is warming and it's co2 levels have reached saturation.

The co2 levels can be pointed to with relative ease as the cause of the shell fish die offs, The magic balance of the ocean has been disrupted by the inputs of man.  We have over fished most species almost to the point of extinction.  From sharks to tuna to most good eating fish we have destroyed them and can't bring ourselves to stop.

The die off of sardines, anchovies and other food sources for larger species could be caused by warm waters , the red tide, over fishing,  rising ocean ph, loss of coral reefs .  Yet the deniers don't want the blame but there are few other explanations for all that is happening.

Sure some of this has happened before, even before man was around but this time is different.  The other events can be explained by normal event occurrences like volcano's , temp rise , ice melt, meteors .  What is different this time is instead of temperatures and co2 rising and falling in sync this time as temperatures moderate co2 continues a meteoric rise.  As seen is this chart.

This has never happened in over 400000 years of data, something is different this time.  We are undoubtedly the cause of the rising co2 levels to levels never reached before.  

97% of US counties do not agree with the climate scientists that warming is mostly caused by man made activities.  As long as this stays a political problem it will not be resolved and if it is not resolved the planet will cease to exist in short order.  So by all means stick your head in the sand or anyplace else you want to stick it and hold tight the ride is not going to be pretty.



  1. "Fiddling while Rome burns"

    The people "managing" Fukishima are STILL pouring thousands of gallons of contaminated nuclear waste into the ocean every day (four years on now). The melted reactors are still emitting radiation as well.

    The oceans creatures are toast.

    We have entered the sixth great extinction with no plans to stop it (land animals/birds/trees). A study of baby's born in California after the Fukushima melt down showed a 25% increase in thyroid problems.

    We are finally talking about catastrophic climate change, but as a climate scientist said recently, he has no hope of us actually doing what has to be done to stop it from escalating.

    I hate to be such a downer, but reality really bites right now.


  2. I think I'll stick to swimming in the creek.