Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I sit here just about every day and wonder at the stupidity of the folks manning our ship of state.  Stupid is one of the better words I can use to describe these idiots that are advising the president on foreign affairs.  When you crack that nut open what falls out are the same neocon nuts that have been running Washington for 37 years. The James Bakers, the Wolfowitz's, Rumsfeld, to name a few are still prominent on the streets of Washington.

They gave horrible advice then and are doing it again right now.  Except this time they are crossing the line, a line drawn many years ago during the cold war.  In those days it was common knowledge that a first strike nuclear war would end up destroying the world, but now since the neocons have gotten so much smarter they think they can win a first strike war.  Common sense says it still is   not doable but the neocons think otherwise.  Given the  fact that we don't have an effective missile defense says that most of those launched would hit their targets.  For the sake of argument lets suppose just 1 out of 100 missile hits their targets.

To throw a few facts into the mix Russia has a total of 1600 missiles, China is really unknown but estimates run has high as 5000.  Given that the US has driven Russia and China into each others arms means that we now have to consider surviving 5 to 7 thousands missiles.  If 1 to 2 hundred warheads exploded how much of the US would be left?  Or how much of the world would be left as we would launch everything we have on Russia's launch.

The thinking that has me squirming in my seat are those like this.  "A nuclear strike is just another option"   is way over the stupid line.

Starting with our TIP TO ASIA we have fallen back to doing the same dumb things we have done in the past.  All over Latin American, to Iraq and Afghanistan and throughout the world we have attempted to overthrow governments who wouldn't take a knee to US domination. After destroying much of Latin America the people once again had to throw out the bums we put in control.  While we do everything in out power to throw those the people elected out.  It seems everywhere we go we end up destroying them forcing rebellions to drag their countries back being for the people.

Our overthrow of the president of Ukraine and backing Nazi types now destroying the country has thrown Russian into the arms of China.  Who together have formed new economic and military ties not only with them but with most of Asia running to their new finance system , one a lot more more nation friendly than the IMF and World Bank.  Together they are planning what they call the New Silk Road a massive project to tie much of the world to new roads, rail and maritime routes to foster new levels of growth.  The speed of this move is astounding and points out that a lot of the world was already looking for an alternate to IMF  rule.

When we started poking Ukraine Russia and China took the hint and China figured they would be next and true enough we were lining up our sites on them too.  So the end result of our poking has prodded China and Russia to band together to thwart our plans. The forming of alliances caused by our bumbling has woken the sleeping giant and now the giant has friends with money and resources that they are willing to spend to build this new alliance.

The end result could be world war, or perhaps it will just shove us back into our holes while they flourish and we decline further into the deep dark recession/depression.   Hopefully when we get backed into a corner we don't play the nuclear card.

So my closing piece of advice , when choosing a presidential candidate , anyone that has war of any kind in their plans scratch from your list.  Now is not the time for war, it is time to withdraw from our stomping over much of the rest of the world, bring most of out troops home from around the world , cut the defense budget by at least half, and concentrate on protecting our shores from those who we have pissed off getting to where we are currently positioned.  The money saved applied to infrastructure , assuming student loans, medicare for all would once again fuel strong economic conditions as once enjoyed by many.  We can do better than we are and all it takes is for us to choose wisely.


  1. "A nuclear strike is just another option" Oh my dog!
    It is truly a Mad Max world.
    I read an article today about babies in California developing thyroid disease from the Fukushima meltdown. A dead conjoined twin baby whale washing ashore on the West Coast (unheard of before now). Several Oarfish over seventeen feet long, whom nobody has seen on shore before washing onto beaches. The Sea Lion die off, the seal die off, 14 out of 14 tuna fish off the California Coast tested positive for radiation. The die off of millions of trees on the West Coast, not all attributable to the drought. The Coral reef and starfish die off. We have already been nuked. We have to wake up to these military lunatics and stop the drumming for war so they can make even more money. ~Heidi

  2. I wish I was making this up, here is an article about a "freakishly" large squid that washed ashore in California...

    A freakishly huge 160-foot giant squid (49 m) was washed ashore on California coast ealrier this week, with the scientific world attributing the creature's unnatural size to the so-called "radioactive gigantism."

    Interestingly enough, this was the second time such occurance had happened, as a massive 100-foot (30.5 m) oarfish was also found washed ashore at a similar location merely a few days ago. It is believed that 2011 Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant disaster is to blame, as the event caused genetic mutation of an unknown number of sea dwellers.
    Local residents remain higly concerned about the future of their marine environment. "This creature appears to be deceased and even if alive only thrives in water," said Santa Monica Parks Manager Cynthia Beard. "We intend to move the creature in pieces to Scripps Research Institute so that they can study it."

    Although still not fully understood or scientifically defined, radioactive gigantism is believed to cause changes in growth regulation, making the affected creatures grow many times of their regular size.

    UC San Diego marine biologist Bruce Kenner remains very concerned about potential future effects. "Take 'Jaws,' but make him the size of a Manhattan skyscraper," he said, noting that "gigantism might distort sea creatures' navigational systems. If that guy took a wrong turn onto the coastline he could level 40 city blocks thrashing before he comes to rest," Kenner added.

    However, a portion of the scientific community sees radioactive gigantism as an opportunity to push the envelope of various science branches. "These creatures give us the chance to study radioactive gigantism," said Santa Marino College biology professor Martin Grimm, adding he believes that "harnessing radioactive gigantism may be like harnessing the atom to create atomic energy. Imagine a tuna fish that could feed a city the size of Austin, Texas," he enthusiastically commented. "This is the possibility of radioactive gigantism."

    Local authorities have declared a state of alert, warning the residents to stay clear of the sea and the coastline. More info is expected to drop soon, stay tuned. ~ deepseacreatures.org

    1. Yep, the squid story was a hoax. Don't you wish the other stories were? How do we wake up the citizenry and stop this madness? ~ Heidi