Friday, June 26, 2015


A very long cover story in the Atlantic magazine  is suggesting that many of the jobs we do today are going to disappear and soon.  A time when the jobs that are available require skills far below your qualifications. Waiters, line cooks, shrinks, drivers , bar tenders, doctors, retail clerks the list goes on and on.

The question they should be asking is " What happens when the consumers go away?  No work usually means no money and in today's political arena most of the ideas listed in this article are not doable.. Can you imagine getting congress to approve a basic living wage given to each American for doing nothing.  When the jobs go away , towns die while the people scratch around for piece work doing what ever they can to make enough to eat.

We have been taught that work is a very important part of life and without it most have difficulty keeping busy, most opt out to sit in front of the TV , and veg out.  I would guess this only happens when searching for a job , any job , proves fruitless.   We see jobs disappearing right before our eyes, jobs up until recently looked safe.  A professor at a community college wakes up one day and is told he is now an adjunct, a power plant operator is called into the office and is told , do to the newcomputers we

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