Sunday, June 21, 2015


Two versions of America's plan to campaign against Russia and China are out there and you get to choose which label applies to each.  America's version is definitely a fairy tale starting with the coup in the Ukraine that they did all they could do to blame it on Russia.  With the US's dirty fingers all over the game plan there is no doubt  who did what to who.

The whole plan was deeply flawed and the truth could be seen easily if you turned off the TV and looked for yourself.  The intent was to take Russia's one warm water port away from them a port that has been Russian for a very long time.  Our planer didn't take into account that the citizens of Crimea might have something to say about that and they did by overwhelming voting to return to Russia's fold.

The concentration then turned   on making Russia peer to be the aggressor in the now civil war raging in the Ukraine.  The forces of Ukraine were getting their asses handed to them so we set out to have the blame finger point at Russia.  Problem once again was that our thinkers?  miscalculated the effect of foreign news sources to poke holes in the lame attempts of placing blame on Russia.  The shooting down of MH17 was clearly shot down by a Ukraine fighter not rebel forces.  The so called Russia invasion was another rigged story with no legs.

All this in an attempt to oust Putin who saw thru our lame game plan and lay plans of his own to counter ours.  Huge  deals with the BRICS on trade, finance, with giant public works designed to reestablish the Silk Road, a multi billion dollar plan to provide new land, sea and air routes to connect those countries and promote economic growth.  Building a huge financial arrangement to supply funds to third world countries  in stead of having to rely on the IMF or World Bank.  Deals to deliver oil and gas to those countries and to pay for them with other than dollars...

Not satisfied with trying to oust Putin and slow Russian economic progress some idiots advising our President start talking up a first strike nuclear attack of Russia and perhaps even China.  Worried about our economy not being number 1, soon are tearing the brains apart, we gotta be number 1 economically, military, nothing else will do.

Restarting the Cold War when we haven't finished up the last two conflicts we started has to be ranked as one of the dumbest ideas lately. Too choose to attack China and Russia at the same time with the goal of regime change bound to fail as all other coups we engineered failed.

The Fairy Tales told by the US on how all this was going to work proved to be nothing more than a failed dream.  The rest of the world soon recognized that the US was behind all this nonsense and not Russia.  While our MSM continued to spin the fairy tales as truth.  They still are telling the same tales they began with even though one by one they proved to be bullshit.

As we sit here  today the effects of our inept meddling in world affairs we have cause strong unions to develop between Russia and China throw in India and some others they have and a powerful economic and military alliance certainly capable of holding us at bay.

Now I know I and others have published the facts above before but some still choose to believe the fairy tales instead of the truth. Obviously our leaders are being led by neocons who are itching for another war.  With them throwing talk about a winnable first strike nuclear attack you have to pay attention and do what you can to knock them back on their heels.

The THIS IS NO SHIT story is Putin and the Russian people standing firm and pushing back. Hopefully we will come to our senses and soon.  This saber rattling can easily out of hand and a shooting war started which won't be good for anybody

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