Sunday, May 31, 2015


The press is doing it's damnedest to make sure you don't who Bernie is.  His announcement of a presidential bid was kept off the front pages of just about every major newspaper.  While every republican regardless of their relative position in the polls gets front page coverage.  At  the same time Hillary is as declared the winner  in the same news sources.

It might be that social media could be Bernie's saving grace... Even without major news coverage his message is starting to seep out to others .  His message is broad enough to be interesting enough to everyone in spite of their party loyalties. Some republicans are even taking a look at this mavericks programs who when added together have something in them for everyone.

Let's see how O'Malley gets covered and compare his coverage to the rest of the candidates , I'm betting it won't be much different than Bernie's coverage.  Which would be one of the best indicators that the so called Liberal press is not liberal at all.  I know that statement will be a surprise to some of of you but it's for you to know you are being played.

It's early in the game and a lot of sorting out is left to be done.  The republicans have a huge task set before them having to pick between a group with not much difference between them.  There will be some scary times like today when you read things  like "Scott Walker" leads the polls in Iowa.  I hope that is not an indicator of the GOP looking to  pick the scariest one from their ranks to lead.  Then again it might be the best thing that could happen as far as the democrats.  It's a lot easier to run against crazy.  One other thing to consider will a crazy republican candidate who appears to beat Hillary in the polls swing votes to Sanders or O'Malley, one can always hope.


  1. It's a catch-22: Bernie Sanders can only be the candidate "no one knows" if the press continues to not tell us who he is.

  2. "Liberal media" coverage will continue to disappear as all the smaller independent newspaper, TV and radio networks continue to be bought up by the large money mongering companies.
    They report what they want to, not necessarily what the "people" want to or should know about.
    They would like to shut down blog sites like these.