Wednesday, May 6, 2015


The real goal of US foreign policy.  Stir the pot , getting it to boil over , therefore wrecking havoc to all in their path.

Our track record on creating havoc is really a spectacular display of stupidity not here to for seen in my lifetime.  Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine and lots of other attempts are keeping the pot boiling in places where or our companies have an economic interest.

THIS ARTICLE   suggests that our goal is not in winning a contest but only in creating a nation easier to control whose infrastructure was destroyed by us. That thought pains me to even think that could be our goal.  The loss of life and limb being coldly calculated as a cost of getting what they want and it's not winning, it's economic control of the world. Our blood and guts spilled for the gain of a very few makes me want to puke.

If  you buy into this theory it is easier to understand the recent excursions into countries where we had no real reason to join in the war.  It doesn't become easier to accept all the dead and crippled bodies of our fighting troops.

With the dance to become our next president is underway with the promises that both sides will spend billions to win the job.  Most of the contenders are for more war and want to increase defense spending by various amounts feeding an already fatted calf.  

Now they are considering a first strike nuclear attack they believe they can win.  That's raising the Chaos bar too far for me.  No body with half a brain would even consider trying to pull off a first strike.  Most stable minds believe that no one would survive such an event, except for our beloved neocons.


  1. A change is in the air. Other people are telling me they feel it too. I felt hopeless about elections for decades, now I think the people could elect Bernie Sanders.

    That would solve the dangerous neocons problem. Bernie Sanders can not be bought by the military/nuclear complex.

    Check Bernie out if you haven't already. He talks about the same things you do.

  2. I hope other people are right!

  3. I am also glad that Bernie is running. I think he has some good ideas and will not have a wish to get us involved in something we don't need to be.