Thursday, May 28, 2015


On the good guy side you have Bernie Sanders a SOCIALIST (oh no not one of them) and that will be a major ploy of Clinton to point that out at every chance she gets.  She's right of course he is a socialist but so what!  I say after you look at this list of his plans for the country and compare them to your own wish list it will seem unimportant to you or at least it should.  Check our Bernie's 20 point plan. Wolf Blitzer seemed unable to grasp the concept (simple as it is) a small transaction tax would pay for all college for everyone.  1/4 % has been mentioned as the amount of the tax.  Traders say that would destroy the market ,but when you look a daily transactions they are largely derivative trades that in my opinion should be illegal but since they are legal then taxing them makes sense to me.  You can count on the republicans bringing up his socialist agenda the minute he starts to get any traction.  If all that Bernie accomplishes is to get some of his agenda into the debate and with a little luck become law.

The other S's are the whole republican list of candidates I label as Scumbags.  There is little difference in any of their programs although they seem to change with the wind.  All favor sending ground troops into Iraq they all want to disassemble all safety net programs, they favor privatizing just about everything from VA health care to Medicare, Medicaid, Schools you name it they will privatize it.  Government by blockade hasn't worked ever and that's what we have had for awhile.

Before you pull that lever you owe it to yourself to check out their platforms and judge how they will affect you.  You should not believe that things have to be the way they are, you can have a decent wage , a retirement program , good health care, a country not hell bent to get into another war.  If you believe you rate the above then there is not way you can vote republican.  

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  1. I checked out Bernie's 20 points and I support him even more.

    This is no longer Republican vs Democrat.

    Billionaires and their henchmen have stolen our democracy. They now own our government. I don't need to go on about that. The facts are all out there.
    Blogs like this are SO important so the people, blocked from the truth by corporate media, can find out what is really going on and how other people perceive these unusual times.

    Bernie Sanders talks about all the things important to the people, jobs, climate change, healthcare, retirement, everything. He has a 30 year track record of keeping his promises. Living conditions for the U.S. Waifs would certainly improve under his leadership.

    He knows the powerful interests he is up against. He is willing to be upfront on the fight to take the country back. He's hoping the county is too.

    Bernie Sanders is the only one I will vote for. No more wasting my time voting for one of the two candidates the billionaires have chosen for us.

    Thanks for a great post.