Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Life in America has turned into what the image above portrays.  We are playing in a rigged game, with other people's rules and they control huge sums of money and everything else.  While we are left in jobs that don't pay the freight.  Left with difficult choices in life, what to do for work, how to save, to have kids or not, get married or not, with how do survive this mess getting to be the question asked by more and more of the people.

We are now approaching another time where those who have all the money are trying to control the game, yep it's election time once again.  Once again we see the wheelbarrows of money coming from the rich like the Koch Brothers and other super rich folk whose stated goal is to buy this election being willing to spend billions to elect their knight in shinning armor.  But the damn armor keeps turning black .  It doesn't take much of a peak under the hood of the right wing machine to ferret out their intentions.  Hell of it is , they are the same one's they have been pushing for 30 years.

With their cries of making government smaller their real intention is to privatize Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid , the VA, and all pension funds.  They trot out their mantra every cycle that we can't afford to fund pensions and show of course rigged numbers to prove their point.  What they don't tell you is they changed the rules allowing corporations to take money paid into pension funds and use it elsewhere, shorting the funds in the long run.  Before they started messing with the rules all was well and most pension funds were over funded.     As noted in this piece , they rigged the game and blamed the outcome on us.

In the process they have set us against one another , those who don't have pensions against those that do, when the real goal should be to make those getting rich over stealing from us pay the freight of doing business.  Oh yes, the poor dears might have to pay a few more taxes but at least most of us would be able to look down the road towards some kind of retirement.  Nobody should be left to work till they drop.  

If that is not enough to look for a more favorable candidate then perhaps this will change your mind.  The right wing with some democrats riding with them want to privatize the VA by issuing  coupons for the service members to purchase their care on the open market.  If you have any knowledge of what the VA provides its patients you then know the coupon would have to be very big insuring health care cost increases and drastic reduction in levels of care... The specialists the VA has are hard to duplicate in the private system and if they existed on the outside they wouldn't be interested in any discount coupons.  The doctors in private care today won't take Medical, some won't take Medicare and some are very selective in what insurances they will take.  Throwing an already stressed vet into searches for doctors to give them care might be enough to send them over the edge.  If we send the troops into battle we better be willing to take care of them when their service is over.  I know folks in VA care and in most cases they are pleased with the service they get.  Living here in the boondocks of Northern CA being able to get the level of care provided by the VA system is impressive.

Beware of politicians sporting new formula that supposedly fixes problems like pension funds showing the funds underfunded, strange that the funds were fine till they started changing the rules along with the formula used to gauge their soundness. 

The latest gambit of those seeking to sit on the Iron Throne is to make up some new formula to calculate GDP as the latest numbers were not good.  Like all other government numbers , if you don't like the outcome change the formula.  Their latest play is to mess with the formula to calculate GDP.  The last reading produced numbers that indicate that we are not growing , something all of us fools out here already know.  So they will change the rules and make the number look better, things won't be better and I'm betting you won't be fooled into thinking they are.  Check Shadow Stats for the real numbers.  


  1. Damn Sr. that's a nice blog post!

  2. Shadow stats, the website you refer too, shows the real unemployment number is 24%.

    "So they will change the rules and make the number look better" Just like you said, the corporate media says its 5%. Ha. 93 million working age adults not working in the U.S., a majority of others working for poverty wages and the man behind the curtain says all is fine.

    You mention the next election. I like Bernie Sanders. He talks about this constantly and how to solve it. He has a thirty year record of following through with his promises. Much unlike our current corporate-sponsored president.

    Your opening paragraph is so poignant, so accurate. And the Monopoly board, priceless.