Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Picture if you will a 3 year old laying on the floor kicking and screaming "I want my way, I want my way.  Replace the picture of that 3 year old and replace it with the United States of America.  We're like the big bully on the block who finally had the weakling on the block challenge his rule of the neighborhood.  Like the bully we don't seem to know how to act in this 21st century world.

Worried that we are loosing in our goal be the biggest bully on the world stage we have started war after war, lost them all but hell let's try a bigger target. Let's pick on Russia , we are worried that they are once again becoming too powerful and need to be taken down a notch.  So we back a coup in Ukraine and place in power folks just like the Nazi's of old.  Mass killings , door to door in some cities, killing all that don't agree with them.

It didn't take very long for the people of Crimea to decide they wanted no part of the installed government in Ukraine and voted to go back to Russian Control.  About half of the Ukraine decided they didn't wanna play with the Nazi's and started a revolution.. It became apparent quickly they were  kicking the governments ass.

We tried all the dirty tricks in the book to get Putin to invade the Ukraine but he didn't take the bait and once again the US has failed at a regime change , getting a lot of egg on their face in the process.

So like a spoiled brat the US and most of the EU are not going to attend the 70th anniversary of the Nazi surrender at the end of WW2.  Never fear Putin will have lots of company celebrating the event.Most of the rest of the world who are not US toadies are showing up to share the celebration.   A celebration that would not be taking place if the Russians through great losses of people had a major hand in their defeat.  Some say we would have not won without them.  That doesn't really matter , what does is our childish behavior on the world stage.. A world that is beginning to recognize the US  for what it really is  A BIG BULLY.

Not satisfied with just poking the Russian bear we are now putting China in the cross hairs worried about their rise to power, thwarting our great plan "TIP TO ASIA"  We just can't accept that we will never again be the one world power we so want to be.  In fact what we should be worrying about is our slippage  from mighty nation status heading to third world status.  After destroying the American middle class, sending all the good paying jobs to cheaper labor markets, allowing our financial leaders to lie, cheat and steal their way the destruction of a large chunk of the worlds finances.

The neocons who invented this great plan of world hegemony are still hanging around having influence way out of sync with what we should be working at.

The ultimate scare factor in all of this is the belief of our leaders both civilian and military believe we can successfully pull of a first strike nuclear war.  Nobody but crazy Neocons believe this is doable while most of us sit here on our hands and do nothing about stopping these loonies.

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  1. This is so embarrassing. We should be embracing Russia in celebration. Instead we can't give anyone credit but ourselves.