Wednesday, April 22, 2015


In the far reaching interview with William Blum some cold hard facts about US intentions of World Domination has been the goal of the US for a very long time..It took the neocons to say it out loud as the Soviet Union collapsed leaving us the big dog on the block.  We certainty  were at the time and we strutted around the stage like a bunch of beautiful peacocks.  Little did we know that our country would soon begin to molt.

We started a string of wars, spending money faster than we could print it.   Stories of waste fraud and abuse flew everywhere.  Money going to place like Iraq and Afghanistan by the truck load, so much in fact they caught some GI's using footballs made our of money.

Ok so we lost both of those wars and today both countries are totally destroyed along with Libya and Syria .  We have spent close to 5 trillion dollars and have destroyed most of the ME in the process.

Now we are concentrating on taking Russia down (once again) and never fear China is on the list too. Russia and China know this and started forming alliances throughout Asia.  Our Tip to Asia was taken in fear of those getting to strong for us to force into submission.

Using Ukraine as a trip wire trying to sucker Russia war , coupled with a little market trickery driving the price of oil through the floor hoping to destroy the Russian and Venezuela's economy down. Neither has happened as yet but odds are they won't collapse.

It would appear that our days as BIG DOG ON THE BLOCK are over.  But we keep trying to anyway throwing away big bucks and backing some pretty unsavory people..Nazi's, Jesus Christ what are we thinking?  Hopefully Russia will resist being drawn into a World War almost  certainly ending up in  nuclear confrontation.

All this in an attempt to dominate the world, hardly worth it don't you think.  History has shown us time after time that nations that tried to dominate the world eventually failed.  I am saying that failure point is where we are at right now.

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  1. Yes. I feel it too. We have worn out our good will and other countries now see us as a narcissistic bully. When other countries no longer support your rein, when your own people are sick to death of your endless wars without their consent, the big dog is done.