Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Shame on him for saying the TPP will be good for the middle class when he knows damn well that the trade deals since Bill Clinton have cost the middle class 60,000 factories and at least 4.5 million jobs..They are getting desperate to pass TPP but a few like Warren and Sanders are preparing to torpedo this deal.

The toll is probably higher but some things become hard to pinpoint.  In  a previous post I pointed out that the bottom 90% earn 31,000 or less, have little saving and next to no retirement and plan on working till they drop.

But that's assuming there will be jobs to work at period, never mind good paying jobs.   As dire as things are for most in the US today and the lack of good jobs will only get worse.  As robots are about to enter into jobs people use to do.  Serving drinks , food , drive your car, fly your airplanes you know damn near everything.  When any job that requires people input go over seas we are in for big trouble.

So for the president to so blatantly lie about trade deals is bad enough but to attack Warren for telling the truth is beyond bad.  Could it be the powers that be behind both parties(being one and the same) fear the likes of Warren and Sanders , quite possible.  Both are getting very popular on social media a place where politicians seldom shine.

When you see the likes of the Koch brothers saying they like Gov Walker for the presidential nomination and other rich folk backing the craziest of the crazy.  When you look at the current field and start to see who would be the least bad for the country , you suddenly realize how big a problem we have.  Remember all the promises Obama made,  see how many he actually pulled off , what could we expect from any in the clown car of politics?


  1. What's in the deal Mr. President? What's in the deal?

  2. With Bernie Sanders we have someone we can believe in and who is supposed to officially announce he is running tomorrow. : )
    Not the lesser of two evils, but a person who gets EVERYTHING you blog about ! Yes to your comment Junior. If the deal is so good for us, why aren't you sharing it with us? Because you are lying. ~ Heidi