Sunday, April 5, 2015


The US's desire to lord hegemony over the planet is toast.  First our plan to egg Russia into a war with our false flag operation in Ukraine failed. As a unseen trick by Russia and China to cut huge deals that also brought other countries into the pact.  China then set out to build a new economic system to counter IMF and the World Bank.  The US tried to persuade other countries to not join the system but join they did.  Hard to tell at this writing how many will flip over to the new system but it must look attractive to all those in the EU having to eat all those austerity programs forced on them from the other system.

Having lost on the war front and the economic front another of the US dreams is circling the drain.. The much touted TPP has stalled out for the third year supposedly over Obama's probability of getting congressional approval.  Tears of joy from this writer, if this deal ever gets into law just throw your rule book and constitution in the toilet as they will be worthless.

However you can chalk a potential win up for Obama.  He did get a framework agreement with Iran over their nuclear program.  Congress and BIBI are unhappy about the framework and some talking heads and a few major newspapers are still calling for bombing Iran.  I would like to be hopeful on this deal coming to  a real deal, but with our current congress it might be a hard sell.. So I guess we better keep the pressure on the congress to go along with the deal..  


  1. Rumor has it that we're arming Ukraine for a new offensive against eastern Ukraine soon. We're dealing with a lot of dead-enders here.

  2. Yes, after talking to people from the Ukraine who still have family in the Ukraine I gained some wisdom about the locals. The Ukrainians are for Ukraine and Putin knows that so trying to start a fight with the East could just bring Russia back in full force!
    I think we all know the publicraps will blame Obama. But they would no matter what happened.