Friday, April 24, 2015


Seems like a simple enough request, that you can bet will be totally ignored by the supporters..  All we really know is the little bit that leaks our from time to time.  If we ever needed a WHITE RAT now's the time.

In a much saner world if a bill such as this was sent to congress they to a man should not even let it come to a vote, park it in a corner and let it die a lingering death.

A close to congress example of where all these trade deals have led us, here's the story of a cook who prepares meals for the Senate.  He's a single father who makes $12/hr as cook for the contractor who has the contract to feed the senate.  He has a second job works 70 hours a week and still can't make ends meet.  He's not proud to say he has to resort on food stamps to feed his child.

That my friends is where all these glorious trade deals have taken us. Yet that is not enough for the fat cats reaping all the benefits of the low wage jobs created by these deals.  90% of workers earn less than 31000 bucks a  year most requiring public assistance to get by.

There are very few voices speaking on the plight of the majority of workers. Here in northern California there are few jobs and those that exist pay about $9 average.  Citizens all over town ask what are we going to do to keep our kids close , they can't exist on these low wages.

Drop south to good old San  Francisco where the cost of living is out of site.  The average house now in is he million dollar class and rents are sky high.  Yet there are many who live there not knocking down the big bucks who  have to live together in piles to be able to afford a place to live.

Now the Prez and the boys want to give us sure suicide on the fast track.  One can only imagine how much further down the slide we will go if this monster is enacted.  Now's the time to fight .. However you can!

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  1. Obama's response? You can see it, after it's signed! Not making this up!