Thursday, April 9, 2015


First remember he is a politician one who reserves the right to reverse sides on any issue that did not sit well with the electorate.

For instance he was originally for  cutting 164 billion dollars from defense by 2016..Today he wants to increase military spending by 190 billion over two years.  In looking other at issues he flip flopped on there are way too many to list one by one but I will list a few of his most outrageous ideas.

He called Social Security a Ponzi scheme and his ultimate goal to to start a process to privatize the program which would ultimately be the death of the program.  The fix is so easy that no right winger will ever suggest it a simple raising the income that is taxed the program could be fixed forever.

Medicare is Socialism and would privatize that program too, who could afford such coverage is beyond thinking.   Putting everybody under Medicare and allowing negotiations on all services would bring great saving to the program.  Even if it meant higher premiums it would still way cheaper than buying private insurance.

On taxes it's the same ole right wing fix, lower taxes particularly on corporations and the rich.  He is favor of a flat tax of 17% which would be a huge gift to the rich and an increase for what is left of the middle class.

Free market choice on energy , no subsidies on any energy company..with the exception of things like solar and wind, I am not exactly sure what that would mean , but if you label anything Free Market I immediately become wary.

For school vouchers and no regulation of home schooler's both bad ideas

For Free Market health care (there's those word again)  and for Health Savings accounts a very very bad idea.  Tell that to  the millions who are now receiving care under the act..

Favors keeping Gitmo open.

Opposed legalization of Marijuana

Favors imprisoning for listening to Radical  Political Talk (who defines that is left unstated).

There's other standard right wing points of view not much different that other right wingers.
Anti abortion, Anti Gay,Privatize and Free Market everything.

I'm anti Rand and it puts me in bed uncomfortably with these guys  a Secure and Prosperous America a right wing political action committee that uses secret donations to fund their operations.  I had heard months ago that the Koch brothers were against Paul and would work to defeat them.. If this is not them other right wing freaks are after him too..Why does that make me uneasy..?

So to all of you that were thinking of backing him you have now been made aware of his views , they certainly aren't yours.   Were just at the beginning of the 16 campaigns and already Paul is starting flip flop on the ideas that may have attracted you..Watch this one >>


  1. What a timely piece! My friends and I were just discussing Rand Paul.
    I REALLY liked that he was the only one, Democrat or Republic candidate, that was against funding the war profiteering machine.

    I had just heard he reneged/did a 180 on that. With that and your post, I will not give this wing nut any more consideration.

  2. Don't all gops sway what ever way the opinion of the crowd in the area they campaing blows?
    The way these guys twist and turn and reverse themselves they make Olympic ice skaters look like beginners.