Monday, April 20, 2015


Being negotiated in secret with not even Congress allowed to see it they still gave it Fast Track agreement to ram rod this thru the Senate.  Since Obama is for this bill he would probably sign it if it gets thru the congress.  There is some hope that a few of our good guys will torpedo this demon before it become law.

Keep in mind please what the recent trade agreements have cost the workers of this country.  For starters 60,000 factories have been closed, NAFTA alone cost us 1 million jobs although they promised it would create 200,000 jobs.. Remember ole Ross Perot and his GREAT SUCKING SOUND  of jobs leaving the country.

Then their was the agreement with China supposed once again to create hundreds of thousands of jobs in stead it cost us 3.2 million jobs.

Now keep in mind the TPP is all the above on steroids.  Nobody knows how many jobs this will cost the country.  There can't be that many more good jobs left to send out of the country, but you can bet they will find a way to move more jobs.

Order a pizza , it will be delivered by drone from Vietnam.  Wanna get married , a preacher from the Ukraine will be here in just a few days (don't pay any attention to the swastika on his forehead).
Now I know the above examples are way out there but necessary to make my point.  We can not afford to loose any more jobs.  We need to bring back some of what we lost and there is a  lot to do to rebuild our country.

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