Monday, April 20, 2015


City after city has been passing ordinances against individuals feeding the homeless.  Somehow they think that by not feeding them they will go away.  Proven time after time that they don't go away they just look for more dumpsters to dig.

Their arguments are so weak and obviously made up that if it wasn't so sad it would be laughable.  Reasons like sanitary condition, scaring other people  in parks that are sometime used as feeding stations.

This women in San Antonio was fined $2000 for feeding the homeless once a week in a city park. She had a permit to run a food truck for the homeless but they ticked her for bringing the food in legal catering trays into the park.. Later dismissed ( but really)

33 cities have passed or are considering passing anti feeding laws.  Some have even passed no sitting or laying on a sidewalk, while city fathers of this burg freely admit they don't have the money or personnel to enforce this law they passed it anyway.

A couple in Daytona Florida were cited and fined $2000 for feeding homeless in that city.  They opted for court so the cops dropped the charges.  Later told the couple if they continued serving food they would be ticked again.  I suppose the cops in Daytona have nothing better to do.

This scene is being seen across the country . Their are homeless everywhere you look, times are tough for all kinds of people , vets on the street , unemployed unable to find work, the mentally ill, workers only able to get minimum wage jobs can't afford a place to live.  But in a supposedly Christian nation , apparently these Christians have a hardened heart.  I think they are in for a big surprise when they get to the pearly gates with old St. Pete giving them a thumbs down.  Twould serve them right.

Why not instead of passing laws to drive the homeless out of your town, find a location, there's one in every town, set up a basic camp.  Portable toilets, water and dumpsters.  Hire a couple to police the area and check that it is done.  If done properly it could provide a respectable place to live.  I am not saying this would be absolutely trouble free but it would be better than what many are doing now.

All you Christians need to ask yourself "What would Jesus do"

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