Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Yeah I know , it's to early to start thinking about the next president, wrong, it's not to early to start.. You can easily see the republicans lining up to make a run for it and of course Hillary is already getting measured for her cape.  So it's not to early for a liberal to stand up and say no I don't want her as president, since in my opinion Bill Clinton was the worst president of my 77 years. Would Hillary be any different , I don't think so, she is associated with the same advisers that Bill used and we know what that got us.  So it's time to start considering some one else. Several have started showing interest and either of the two I have in mind individually would be a better choice, together they would be dynamite .  Yeah I mean Sanders and Warren.

Sanders is starting to work a little harder towards that goal and here's his 12 point plan to right a fallen country.   RIGHT HERE

It's probably a stretch to believe either Sanders or Warren can win but any other option is unthinkable.  All republicans and most other democrats will keep us on the same road we are currently on.  We know that don't work for the common man and someone other than the current frontrunners need to be encouraged.  The problem Warren and Sanders both have is they do not take corporate money.  Can they compete without that money.  Off the top of my head I would think not. Then I think of Howard Dean's grass roots organizing for Obama that was a 50 state strategy brought record numbers of liberals to the polls.  They might possibly (if they brought their wallets with them) could pull it off.

Quite possibly I have been smoking the wrong weed, and and overthrow of the money men is an impossible task.  But until we try we won't know.. Look at this , this way, If you back them , yet still loose what have you lost , a few bucks perhaps and a nasty outlook for the country , but yet it is possible.. Remember Hillary was the one  in 2008 and she lost to an unknown Obama.. Warren and Sanders are better known than Obama , yet he won.  It could happen again unless you pull your blanket over your head and don't get involved..

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