Tuesday, December 23, 2014


The big bad US is mad at Russia and is stamping it's feet like a spoiled brat.  We are trying to surround Russia with enemies in our Shift to Asia, problem is Russia is responding and countering our moves with moves of their own.

First out of the barrel they make beg gas deals with China and Turkey.  Now China is stepping up an backing Russia all the way. We of course say we can counter the Chinese moves, somehow I can't believe that they can.  The bottom card is the threat of nuclear war.  Even our leaders as stupid as they appear to be cannot possibly believe the world can survive a nuclear war.

If you have been following my posts you know that all of the accusations we have flung at Russia are pure bullshit.  MH 17 shoot down and been without a doubt pinned to Ukraine itself. It was a bald faced attempt to get Russia a stupid move , but Putin is smarter than that.  The danger is that we now  are shipping weapons to the Nazi's in power in Ukraine.   Even crazies like them cannot possibly think they can beat Russia.  If you compare armaments of Nato and Russia for a land war Russia is better equipped.

When you look at the big picture and want to get a feel for how this could work out, just look at the Christmas presents as you unwrap them, whoops, made in China.  The populace would scream bloody murder when that supply chain was stopped.  Of course China would hurt like hell for awhile but nowhere as bad as we would.. It would take a large amount of time to rebuild our manufacturing base.

So far in this contest Putin in my estimate has made better moves than the Obama administration.
The BRIC alliance has the potential of knocking the dollar off the reserve podium which would be one hell of a curve ball to hit.

Just days after starting to normalizing relations with Cuba , saying that 50 years of sanctions against them have not worked , we put sanctions on Russia..  Take note that Cuba survived aided by the Venezuelan government just like China stepping up to back Russia.  It appears to me to be another fight we will loose.  Time will tell, so pay close attention.
HERE'S the story that bought this on.

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