Monday, December 29, 2014


Approaching the New Year we need to take a look at the real state of the union.  All charts in this post are extracted from SHADOW STATS.  You will notice they have no resemblance to the numbers the government pushes at us.  The reason for the difference is Shadow Stats uses the original formula for each not the adjusted ones used by the government.    So let's get started.
To view other charts click on the SHADOW STATS LINK ABOVE.  Extracting some of the numbers in my last post  and insert them into the effect on the below charts and you will probably come to the conclusion that things are not as good as we are told.  Again using the numbers from my last post , when look at what folks believe , you won't come away optimistic of our immediate future.  


.While we are told unemployment is 5 or 6%  this chart shows you that unemployment has been in  the 22 or 23 %  range all the way back to 2008.  On top of that many of the jobs that have been added are low wage service jobs.  Huge numbers of 18 to 34 year old are living with their parents out of necessity.  Without a return of manufacturing we will not have a sustainable ecoomy.

Official GDP this quarter is supposed to be 5 1/2 % but it actually has been in the -2%  range for years.  The resulting numbers as you can track one another but vary by a large amount.


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