Friday, December 5, 2014



If you like me have been scratching your head trying to figure out just what the hell our government is up too, you have been reluctant to call it for what it is , dangerous war mongering that has a final goal of a confrontation with
Russia as an end game.

Using Ukraine as a crutch to stir the fire, they tried to paint Putin into a box and bring about a confrontation with him.  Outfoxed on every front the US had to have another plan.  Surrounded by a bunch of warmongering staff none of which has any military experience and keep the president isolated from anybody with another opinion (like Hagel)  they put plans into play they have either not thought out or just not smart enough to carry out their end game.

So when Ukraine didn't work they hatched another plan.  In league with the Saudi's they lowered oil prices hoping to put Russia in a financial bind, through this and sanctions on them..  They claim all kinds of damage to the Russian economy and there probably has been some but the end result is something they hadn't planned on.  Putin has cut deals with other countries that make our messing around not count for much/(A side note here, oil producers hedge their oil bets in the derivative market to insulate them from a drop in price)

Putin put together the Bric nations to sidestep American intervention.  They have agreed to trade in their own currencies making the dollar irrelevant. He has made new gas deals with Germany and Turkey subverting US attempts to control the EU gas market.  In fact at every turn Putin has outfoxed us with our every move.

The problem is the American citizen has found it  easy to find Putin as a very bad man (in olden days he might have been) but in this go around the bad guy label is on us.

I am asking you to stop and consider our plight if Putin had been dumb enough to take the bait.   Here we sit a country that has not won a conflict since WW2 . Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and trillions of dollars down the drain and none of these contest did we win.  Yet the brains around Obama think think we can win a conflict with Russia including a first strike nuclear option that any thinking man knows is pure folly.

We are told we are the exceptional nation , but there are times in the past  when we might have said we were that but that was a long long time ago.  In my lifetime my thinking has changed on that fact.  I once believed we were not war mongers we were in a controlled standoff with the Soviets in a cold war. Both sides had enough operational nukes to blow the world away at the push of a single button..We both still do, the difference being we use to say we wouldn't launch first but now we think we have a first strike capability.  They use a missile defense system that at best is not 100% effective to believe we can shoot first.  To believe that you have to be willing to accept a level of losses probably in the millions at least.  In reality I believe that a first strike will bring about the end of people on the earth.. How many of the 4000 nukes Russian will make it through is anybodies guess and I am not willing to find out.. How about you.  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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  1. Well said and informative. I didn't realize how important this particular issue really is.