Monday, December 22, 2014


You and I sit here and wonder at the working of the modern world, not really knowing that what were watching is a giant shell game.  First you see it and then you don't.  What seems to be the problem here.
The simple answer is we are being presented horse shit instead of the truth.  Damn near all the info you are presented on the TV is straight bullcrap.

A present example in all the stories circulating about Russia.  An easy one to point out this theory is the story making it's rounds this week is that Russia is selling Gold because of the collapse of oil prices which is 50% of Russian income.  A look at what is going on is pretty easy to see.  Oil prices have tanked and gold has gone right along with it.  A little know fact is that the Ruble is backed by gold. Another fact is Russia is sitting on a pile of dollars because oil is traded in dollars.


So what would a smart Russian government be doing, simple eh what, use your oil based dollars to buy gold..  Since Russia is the number 2 oil producer in the world they have a lot dollars as a result of that.
Strangely you would think that Gold would be going up given all the shenanigans going on around the world but the exact opposite is true... Gold value is down.

  All of this action has been caused by the good ole USA jawboning the Saudi's to lower oil prices to bankrupt Russia and at the same time pushing the price of Gold down by flooding the market with naked short selling of the gold contracts.

The US has also placed sanctions on Russia in order to bring their economy down.   It could work if they put the right sanctions in place but so far all they have accomplished is to force Russia into making huge deals with China , India and Turkey.  Placing sanction on Russia and in the same breath remove some sanctions with Cuba saying that 50 years of sanctions of not had the required effect.  So if it don't work in one case we should try it again..Kinda like hitting your left finger with a hammer and then hitting the right one to get a different effect.

All this being just one facet of a multiple pronged attack to bust Russia so we can complete our goal of world hegemony.   The guiding forces behind this plot are desperate as they are running out of plays.  So desperate are that they are on record saying that a nuclear war is winnable.

So if you are confused about the world , don't worry , you have lots of company. 

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