Friday, December 19, 2014

“America uber alles.” or WATCH THE EAGLE FALL

This piece my Paul Craig Roberts a former republican official and now a good guy ( I guess) but that aside he has been putting info on line in sync with my thoughts of world events.   Read HIS ARTICLE.

The one piece of good news in this piece is among the final  thoughts, Economic Collapse is more survivable than a Nuclear War.+

His post is more an item list of the wrongs done to us over the last few decades by both parties, Items you have seen listed here over time.  The problem is the majority are deep asleep and could care less.  There seems  to be no organization or leader on the horizon to jerk the public awake.

The latest attack on Ukraine as been successfully linked to Putin which is a flat our lie orchestrated by the good ole US.  We want to reduce the power of Russia and China making our Pivot to Asia possible.

We are being told that the sanctions on Russia are really working and their economy is collapsing which is far from the truth.  While we have been busy putting the blame on Putin he has been out there making huge deals with China ,India and others not just in oil and gas, but also a new economic system to counter the IMF.  If the info I read today is correct , Putin is sitting there with a big grin on his face and a pocket book full of American that he will use to buy back his rubles at rock bottom prices.

So my take on this is Russia will come out just fine, but we will be short a bunch of expensive oil producers.  Of course you and I  will pay for this mess now that they have moved derivatives under FDIC.  One thing is certain and here I will hedge my bet , the world as we know it will be gone in a very few years.  What will replace it is unknown to at least me at this time.. Do you have a guess, let's here it.

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  1. For the masses world wide, EXTREME poverty.